It’s Okay God – Lyrics Meaning In English – Karan Aujla

It’s Okay God Lyrics Meaning In English Karan Aujla is latest Punjabi song with music given by Proof and Homeboy. It’s Okay God song lyrics are written by Karan Aujla and video is directed by Rupan Bal

It's Okay God Lyrics Karan Aujla Meaning In English


It’s Okay God Lyrics Karan Aujla Meaning In English


Verse – 1


Oh Jadon Baari Jaan Hundi Aa, Na,
Taan Sutte Nu Vi Pata Lag Janda,
When it’s time to leave the world
if even a sleeping ‘one’ realizes it


Jadon Maut Auni Hundi Aa Na Putt,
Kutte Nu Vi Pata Lag Janda
When death is about to come,
even a dog can feel it


Mere Nal Kaun Judeya Te Kahton Judeya,
Main Sachi Dassan, Mainu Tutte Nu Vi Pata Lag Janda
Who joined me, why?
I tell you the truth, I can know their reasons, even if I am broken


Oh Eh Duniyadari Ne Mainu Akal Sikhayi,
Jadon Tur Gayi Si Bebe, Kade Mudke Ni Ayi,
The people have made me wiser.
When my mother went away, she never came back


Meri Family Di Family Cho Bache Tin-Char,
Jede Bache Tin-Chare Bas Ohi Mere Yaar
Barely three to four are alive from my entire family,
And those three – four are my dearest


Main Kina Kujh Kareya, Main Kina Kujh Jareya
Main Mere Te Hairan Aan, Main Aje Vi Nai Mareya
I have done so much, I have suffered from so much
I am amazed by myself that I am still not dead


Oh Main Jo Vi Kujh Sikhda, Main Ohi Kujh Likhda,
Main Jo Vi Kujh Likhda, Hai Ohi Kujh Vikda
What I learn is what I write about
And what I write makes sales


Kine Door Methon Badal Ke Chaal Ho Gaye,
Kine ‘Anti’ Ho Gaye Kine Mere Naal Ho Gaye
Many changed and went away from me
Many turned against me, while many others joined me


Bebe-Bapu Nu Gaye Nu 10 Saal Ho Gaye,
Tahin Choti Umar Ch Chitte Baal Ho Gaye,
It has been 10 years since my parents passed away.
That is why at an early age my hair turned grey


Ho Sadi Yaari ‘One-Take’, Kine Nikle Ne Fake,
Pehlaan Karke Gadaari Kehnde Ho Gayi Mistake
Our friendship comes with strict principles and many have proven to be fake.
First, they make mistakes and then ask for forgiveness giving excuses


O Mera Jigra Bathera Mera Dil Vi Bathera
Asi Haske Baithida Chahe Kandeyan Te Dera,
I have great courage and an open heart
I am always smiling even if I am sitting on thorns


Mere Lekhan Nu Hi Mere Si Khilaf Karta
Khushiyan Da Varka Hi Saaf Karta
My fate was turned against me.
The happiness was entirely erased from my life


Oh Meri Zindagi De Nal Jine Dhokha Kareya,
Main Taan Os Rabb Nu Vi Maaf Karta
One who cheated with my life,
even I have forgiven God as well


Verse – 2


Oh Jama Tension Na Leyo Mainu Dhokha Deke
Main Hor Baut Dhokhe Jare Aa,
Don’t stress yourself after deceiving me,
I have beared it a lot


Mere Naal Chahe Bande Khade Aa,
Par Chakkar Eh Aa Ke Maa Peyo Pare Aa,
Even there are men standing by my side,
but the thing is, my parents are far away


Main Tan Kade Kise Da Gussa Kita Hi Nai
Chahe Koi Dhokha De Jaye, Chahe Pitth Te Shuri Maare
I have never felt displeased by one
whether they deceive me or backstab me


Appan Harek Gall Te ‘Laugh’ Karta
Oh Mainu Harek Banda Tahin Dhokhe De Janda,
I laughed it all away
I think that is why everybody betrays me


Pata Bi Ehne Mann Hi Jaana,
Kyonke Main Taan Os Rabb Nu Vi Maaf Karta
they are aware that I will embrace them again
Because I have forgiven God also


O Aithe Sur Vi Bakaau Aa Te Saaz Vi Bakaau Aa,
Khul Jande Sheti Hun Raaz Vi Bakaau Aa,
Here, the melody is for sale, the instruments are saleable.
Revealing is quicker, even the secrets are saleable


Lahu Vi Bakaau Aa, Lihaz Vi Bakaau Aa
Takht Bakaau Aa Te Taaz Vi Bakaau Aa
The blood is on sale, the favouritism is for sale
The throne and the crown are also saleable


Ho Kaawan Di Tan Chhaddo Ethe Baaz Vi Bakaau Aa
Bachna Je Maut’on Yamraaj Vi Bakaau Aa
Forget about the crows, even the falcons are on sale
Although if ‘one’ wishes to beat death, even the angels of death can be bought


Kishti Bakaau Aa, Jahaaj Vi Bakaau Aa,
Par Vi Bakaau, Parwaaz Vi Bakaau Aa,
The boats, and the ships are on sale
The feathers and the first flight of a bird are salable


Ho Surma Bakaau, Nosepin Vi Bakau,
Jihde Utte Kala Til, Oh Chin Vi Bakau,
The mascara , and the nose pins are buyable
The chin with a beauty spot on it is buyable too


Aithe Bikdiyan Baatan Ethe Bikdiyan Raatan
Bade Saste Ne Hun Change Din Vi Bikau
The tales and the nights are sold here.
Even the good days are on sale at a very cheap price


Ethe Mehndiyan Ton Naam Badi Chheti Mitde
Ethe Chuthe-Muthe Lok Sachi Bade Pittde
The names drawn with henna here, quickly faint away
People here, shed crocodile tears a lot


Ethe Hunde Ne Draame Naam Laike Pyar Da,
Saale Paake Ne ‘Glycerin’ Hanju Sittde,
The love is faked here, even many
fake their tears with glycerine


Ho Mera Nature Hi Eh Kade Main Na Dolda,
Mera Bolda Tajarba Ni Main Naa Bolda
It’s in my nature to never get distracted
It is my experience that talks, not me


Oh Ni Ubbal’de Paani Wichon Dekh Niklaan
Mereyan Halaatan Mainu Bhaaf Karta
I am like the steam coming out of the boiling water
My circumstances also forgive me


Ese Gallon Den Dhokhe Pata Mann Jana Main
Kyonke Main Tan Os Rab Nu Vi Maaf Karta,
They betray me because they are aware that I will still forgive them.
That is why I have even forgiven God